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From Necessity to Passion

It was a tumultuous time in the USSR at the end of the Cold War. Food shortages, hour long queues to purchase even basic necessities like a loaf of bread or milk was the daily reality. Ukraine, the 2nd largest state in the USSR became an independent country in 1991. A decade later, the effects of the necessary and painful transformation into a market economy lingered.

I was a teenager about to turn 16 at that time. There was a need to help my parents make ends meet. I started to take nail classes not really knowing whether I would even like it or not. The goal was to help my parents for a year or two and later to complete my studies. After my nail courses were over I started working at a tiny nail salon far away to get some hands-on practice. I then found a job in a new beauty salon in downtown Dnepropetrovsk, the city I grew up.

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I remember how the owner of the salon was a bit afraid to employ me for a job of a nail technician because I was still 1 month shy of my 16th birthday. But despite all that she took me for the vacancy because she liked how much effort I was putting doing manicures with the utmost care and diligence. After having worked there for some time and seeing that people enjoyed their manicures and pedicures I grew to really love this beautiful profession. It was no longer just a source of income but my passion. Along the years I have come to meet wonderful people, many of who were first clients and later became good friends.

During my first eight years of work in the nail industry, I took various nail classes and attended many nail seminars to be always up to date with the latest products and techniques. Then destiny took me to meet my Indo-Canadian husband who had a business in Ukraine. After our marriage and the birth of our daughter, we decided to move to India. Our 2nd child was born in India, and now with two beautiful babies and all the responsibilities that come with of taking care of them, I did not workforce period of time. I didn't give up on nails even then, still taking some online classes and doing nails for friends and friends of friends, believing that one day I will have my own nail salon where I can share my knowledge and skills in this beautiful and evolving art.

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The ever-evolving World of Nails

Nail Salon experience

From ancient Egyptians and Babylonia to China, since 3000 BC, women (and men) have painted or dyed their nails. Archeological evidence show that nails were coloured in numerous cultures to portray social status, for beauty, and in the case of men, by soldiers in preparation for war. The ancient Chinese would apply enamel, which would create a pink finish after several hours, whilst the Egyptians used nail colours an indication of social status.

In 1830, a European podiatrist, Dr. Sitts adapted a dental tool for manicure purpose. In 1892, his niece invented a nail care line for women of any social class that became popular in salons in the United States. Soon after, in 1907, the first liquid nail polish (colourless) was invented, then in 1925 different colours were introduced. Revlon was the first modern company to introduce nail polishes in 1932.

Jeff Pink created the French manicure in Paris in 1976. During the 1980s it became not just popular but considered as indispensable as a routine haircut in North America and Europe. By the 1990s women were sporting darker, moodier nail colours - in particular Chanel's iconic Rouge Noir/Vamp shade.

Why Pro Nails Studio?

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Importance of proper hygiene

Health and well-being of all my clients is of the utmost importance to me. I have introduced processes to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained in my nail salon in Kochi. All tools are first disinfected, and then sterilized in individual sterile pouches in an Autoclave machine, before used again. No set of tools is used twice without going through a sterilization process. All nail technicians wear disposable gloves and masks, minimizing the possibility of contamination or spread of any germs.

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Skills and Ongoing Training

Along with the constant advancement in products, the techniques and skills of a technician are the most important components to quality nails. To ensure all clients get the best quality service possible, all the technicians in my nail salon in Kochi have been individually trained by me. From the initial consultation process to determine what is best suited for you, each and every work will be examined and augmented by me to guarantee the perfect nails you deserve.

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Our Commitment to Quality Service

I believe quality and service are the most important factors in any successful business. As a principle, I do not engage in unethical marketing methods such as purchased likes and followers on social media or paid celebrity endorsements. These methods are both expensive and unnecessarily increase the costs for the client. I trust that my commitment to quality will create genuinely happy clients, whose referrals are more important than any other marketing methods.


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